60min Class Drop In*

90min Class Drop In* 

Open Workout Drop In*

Silks Rental (for classes or open workout)


Aerial Silks Purchase**

Mini Rosin Baggie/Spray


Bronze - 4 Classes/Month

Silver - 12 Classes/Month

Gold - 20 Classes/Month







$185 plus tax

$5 plus tax



Currently Unavailable 

Currently Unavailable 

Currently Unavailable 

*All Class/Open Workout Drop-In's expire 6 months from purchase date. Non refundable and non transferable 

**Aerial silks for sale are 24ft long when rigged, and include a figure 8. Please email us for colors we have in stock. No shipping available, studio pick up only. 


  • 12 hr Cancelation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule a reservation please early cancel your reservation online at least 12 hours in advance or you will be charged in full for missing the class.

  • Waitlist – If a class is full, you may add yourself to the waitlist. If you get added to the class from the waitlist you will receive and email confirmation. If it is your first time using our waitlist system please keep an eye out on your junk mail, as sometimes our emails get forwarded there. 

  • Our classes and open workouts are for adults 18yrs and over. If you would like to inquire about a teenager joining a class please have a parent or guardian contact us at

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to class. If you are more than 10 minutes late to class, it is at the teacher’s discretion if it is safe or appropriate to join the class. 

  • Please wear leggings, or something easy to move in that covers the backs of your knees.

  • Please remove jewelry as well as avoid wearing clothing with zippers especially during aerial silks or hammock class (zippers may damage equipment)

Womack and Bowman - The Loft COVID-19 Safety Protocols:

Here at Womack and Bowman - The Loft your safety is our TOP priority. This is why we, in collaboration with studio staff and instructors have spent countless hours devising a comprehensive reopening plan, that adheres to Los Angeles county gym reopening protocols as well as addresses the unique needs of our aerial community.

  1. Students are encouraged to bring their own Rope, Lyra, Hammock and Trapeze to those classes and required to bring their own Silks to Silks classes (purchasing and rental options will be available also)

  2. Contactless digital forehead temperature checks are required before entering the studio

  3. Students are required to bring their own water bottles and spray or rock resin (if needed) to class

  4. Masks/face coverings are required AT ALL TIMES by students and staff while in the studio

  5. The roll up door at the entrance to the studio is to remain open AT ALL TIMES to ensure air circulation 

  6. Maximum of 8 students in class

  7. Studio will be cleaned and sanitized after every class 

  8. Students and staff are required to maintain social distance (at least 6 feet of separation) at all times and keep to their individual 'stations' (as indicated by 'X's' on the mats*) while in the studio

*Students are welcome to bring their own Yoga mat to class for warm-up/stretching


Womack and Bowman - The Loft  COVID Class Structure: 

After warm up, classes will be broken up into two groups.  Group A will work on conditioning/stretching exercises in designated places on the ground which are a minimum of 6 ft apart while group B works on the apparatus before switching.

New Class Structure Example:

Warm up: 15 mins (group A and B)

Aerial warm up/conditioning: 10mins (group A)
Apparatus changed out

Aerial Warm up/conditioning: 10mins (group B)
Apparatus changed out

Aerial Tricks/sequences: 25 mins (group A)
Apparatus changed out

Aerial Tricks/sequences:  25 mins (group B)
Apparatus changed out

(remaining 5 mins for rigging changes)


  • Spotting is not permitted unless in emergency circumstances. Curriculum will be adapted accordingly


  •  Un-taped Hoops will be the only apparatus that will be shared in class and will be disinfected by your instructor between students sets. We encourage students who do not bring their own taped hoop to keep legs free (wear shorts/leotards etc) in order to help grip the metal hoop, as well as avoid wearing lotions or oils to class. 


Open Workout:

Students are encouraged to bring their own equipment to Open Workout. We will have silks available for purchase or rent, and/or untapped hoops available available at no charge. All other apparatus students must bring.


Silks Classes:

Due to the labor intensiveness of washing almost 25 feet of Silks after each class (not to mention the wear-and-tear this inflicts on the material) it is now studio policy for students to bring their own Silks set up to class (Silks and Figure 8).

You may purchase your own 24 foot Silks set up from us for $185 (includes a pre-rigged Figure 8) and pick it up from the studio before your first Silks class. 

If you prefer to rent a Silks set up you can do that for $10 per class. You will see the option for 'Equipment rental (Silks)' when you register for class. 

If you are purchasing or renting a Silks set up we ask that you arrive 5 minutes early for your class to pick up your equipment.

All other apparatus classes:


During this first phase of reopening we are limiting Trapeze, Rope and Hammock classes to one time per week which will leave ample time for those apparatus to be disinfected.


Classes are subject to change. Please check availablitly on link above.


Click on the link above to see our full schedule and class availablitly.


Beginning Aerial Silks

In this 90 minute, beginner level aerial silks class, students will learn foundational technique and tricks in the air, culminating with an informal group performance consisting of skills learned in class. 


Prerequisite - None - all levels welcome


Intermediate Aerial Silks

This 90-minute class is designed for the intermediate level Aerial Silks student. Focus of the class will be on technique and artistry as well as combining tricks into sequences. This class culminates with an informal group performance consisting of skills learned from class.


Prerequisite - foot locks, hip keys, comfortable with inverting in the air. At least 6 months of aerial silks experience



Intermediate/Advanced Aerial Silks

This 90-minute class is designed for the intermediate and advanced level Aerial Silks student. Focus of the class will be on technique and artistry as well as higher

level tricks and sequences.


Prerequisite - at least 9 months of aerial silks experience


Beginning Aerial Lyra

In this 90 minute, beginner level Aerial Lyra class, students will learn foundational technique and explore the intricacies and nuances of this beautiful apparatus.

Prerequisite: None - all levels welcome


Intermediate Aerial Lyra

In this 90 minute, Intermediate Aerial Lyra class students will explore the intricacies and nuances of this beautiful apparatus. The focus of this class will be on technique, tricks, sequences, and performance.


Prerequisite - at least 6 months of Aerial Hoop experience



Aerial Lyra


In this 90 minute, Intermediate/Advanced Aerial Lyra class students will explore the intricacies and nuances of this beautiful apparatus. The focus of this class will be on technique, choreography, and artistry 


Prerequisite - at least 9 months of Aerial Lyra experience


Single Point Trapeze

-Mixed level

Dance Trapeze is an exhilarating combination of traditional trapeze moves mixed with contemporary dance. In this class, students will learn beautiful combinations, gorgeous shapes and fast spins! Find your wings as you learn to fly on this exciting, modern-day take on the classic trapeze.


Prerequisite - at least 3 months of aerial experience


Intermediate Aerial Hammock

In this 90 minute aerial class, students will learn aerial dance/cirque style aerial hammock! Focus of the class will be on technique and artistry while learning beautiful tricks and combinations. This class will culminate in an informal performance of the the skills learned in class. 


Prerequisite: - at least 6 months of Aerial experience


Mixed Level

This 90 minute class focuses on technique and artistry while learning fun tricks and sequences on the aerial rope.

Prerequisite - Foot locks, hip key, comfortable inverting in the air*

*no previous rope experience required if you have these skills on silks


Intermediate/Advanced Silks Choreography


This innovative, 90 minute Aerial master class is designed for the intermediate and advanced Aerial student who is interested in exploring and improving their performance quality and artistic expression in the air. Each month the apparatus will change, with a new routine choreographed by the instructor. Each week students will work on choreography focusing on style, musicality and quality of movement. The routine is performed multiple times at the end of class, increasing students stamina and endurance, technique and artistry in the air. 


Drop-Ins welcome.


Prerequisite- at least nine months of aerial experience


Introduction to Aerial

Never taken an aerial class before? No problem, this is the class for you! A fun filled 90 minute awesome aerial workout focused on the absolute beginner, this class begins with a thorough warm up and stretch and then progresses to a circuit style format. Start Here focuses on exercises and basic aerial techniques to build the strength and body awareness needed to progress to the next level of this beautiful art form. A variety of unique aerial apparatus will be used and explored, making this an exciting and inspiring class for anyone eager to learn the art of aerial.


Beginning  Flexibility 

Fit and Bendy is a 90 minute, results-based flexibility class for beginning students. Instructor Lena Fumi, a protégé of world famous Fit & Bendy creator Kristina Nekyia, incorporates elements of Mongolian Circus contortion with dance and Pilates methods combined with the latest breakthroughs in fitness science. Fit & Bendy teaches active, resistance, and assisted stretching to break through fascial and neuromuscular blocks and build joint strength for flexibility you can use. Your muscles will become longer and stronger, enabling a higher level of performance in everything you do.


Prerequisite - all levels welcome!


Intermediate level, mixed apparatus


Mix it Up is an exciting mixed apparatus class that gives the intermediate level aerialist a taste of it all! Apparatus may include silks, trapeze, hoop, hammock, cloud swing other unique apparatus! 


Prerequisite - minimum 3 months aerial experience required



This introductory class to aerial straps focuses on all the basics as well as learning shapes, beats, spins, and roll-ups in the air. This class has an overall emphasis on strength building, and learning proper straps technique with elegant control.


This class is open to all levels but at least 6 month's aerial experience recommended. 


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