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Founded by aerial duo Brett Womack and Rachel Bowman in March of 2014.

In March 2014, Brett Womack and Rachel Bowman founded Womack and Bowman - The Loft in Los Angeles, California. The Loft (as it is commonly known) is an aerial dance studio dedicated to serving and enriching the lives of aerial students who are seeking more than just a fitness class but rather a holistic and artistic experience. After years of performing as aerialists and instructing around the world, Womack and Bowman decided to put down roots in Los Angeles and create an intimate space to share their passion and wealth of knowledge while continuing their performing careers.

The Loft faculty employs experienced and professional aerialists and aerial teachers of the highest caliber, ensuring that students receive quality, cutting-edge training in a safe and nurturing environment.


Current Classes Include: Aerial Silks, Lyra, Hammock, Rope, and Dance Trapeze


Womack and Bowman - The Loft is committed to excellence and innovation in the field of aerial arts, we look forward to working with you!


To learn more about Womack and Bowman click on their photo below for a link to their websites and bios.


Sita Acevedo

Jordann Baker

Joseph Pinzon

Rain Wilson

Lena Fumi

Katrina Amerine

Lena Alani

Brandon Scott

Kerry Wee

Amanda Ritchie

Lydia Lara

Jane Rose

To learn more about our staff and what they teach, click on their photo below.

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